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Genesis Skin Care's hair removal treatments are customized for each individual client! We provide various hair removal options such as, Threading, Waxing and Laser Hair Removal. 



Our Signature Service! This unique skill is a cultured method of hair removal using thread. It does not harm the skin and can be performed across the entire face as well as after a facial or peel. Threading is ideal for getting a beautiful eyebrow arch and removing excess hair.

Full Face $47$60and up
Eyebrows $12$20and up
Lip $6$10and up
Chin $8$15and up
Neck $15$28and up
Sides $20$28and up
Men Eyebrows $15$23and up




A quick hair removal treatment that eliminates unwanted hair and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and hair free for 3-6 weeks.For best results, clients should have at least a quarter inch or two weeks hair growth.Waxing is not recommended for those using Retin-A,Accutane or Glycolic products.

Eyebrows 20N/Aand up
Eyebrows and Lip 33N/Aand up
Lip or Chin 15100and up
Sides 18125and up
Full Face 50295and up
Full Leg 60790and up
Half Leg 30420and up
Full Arm 30400and up
Underarm 20160and up
Back 50445and up
Bikini 38195and up
Brazilian 70320and up
Chest or Stomach 40300and up



Since 1875, Electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA. Electrolysis permanently destroys germ cells responsible for hair growth. Our Electrolysis delivers more effective and more comfortable treatments. You can finally say good-bye to unwanted hair! 
*Prices based on individual consultations